Delve deeper into your relationship with Christ using Isaiah 43 and clips from The Chosen. Facilitated by Jo Wallace and Helen Jones, Pastoral Associates in the Archdiocese of Liverpool.

1. Introduction- Reverberation
Isaiah 43 and The Chosen
26 April
2.  Called by your name
God knows each of us and calls us into relationship
10 May
3. I will be with you
God is with us in our resting and our struggles
17 May
4. Precious in my eyes
Maintaining our child-like wonder at the faithfulness of God
24 May
5. I will gather you
God calls us to follow
07 June
6. You are my witnesses
God works wonders and calls us to witness to the Good News
14 June
7. A way in the wilderness
Jesus makes all things new and creates new paths in our lives
21 June
8. Declare God’s praise
Reflecting on our journey through Isaiah 43 over the past weeks
28 June