27th March 2020 by Kenny Lawler, Pastoral Associate

Ever feel just like singing? I’m sure we’ve all impulsively broke into song at some point before this social lockdown isolated us into our homes. Before life as we knew it, closed down for the safety of our communities, I often went to the match to cheer on my football team and sing very loudly. I sang the hymns at Mass and I often sing in the car (often very badly to a 1980’s radio station). But I’ve never sang along with 500 other people from all around the world, online!

That’s exactly what I did with my family last week when we took part in “Sofa Singers”. An online choir inspired from the heart warming scenes in the streets of Italy, when people came out onto their balconies during full lockdown and all joined together in song. The Sofa Singers is a free & weekly online singing event from James Sills that brings hundreds of people together from around the world to spark joy and human connection. And it works! Beautifully! The song we rehearsed and sang was so relevant to our times. It was “Bill Withers – Lean On Me”. In these times, we can see togetherness in abundance. Even though there is pain and sorrow, people are uniting.

Unity. God gives us the gifts to unite in times of trouble. Times of uncertainty and isolation. We may be walking alone on rocky and uneven ground at the moment, but we are blessed with platforms to communicate and sing together online. On these platforms, we are quickly learning we can unite and support each other even though we may be far apart.

Psalm 133:1 How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity

Remember to keep singing and keep in touch with each other. And most of all, remember to listen.

If you’re interested in taking part in Sofa Singers, visit the website www.thesofasingers.com/ for more information.