written by David McLoughlin explores how the Old and New Testaments echo each other in their preparation for, and arrival of, Jesus.  Can be used individually or in groups.

To register for our Zoom Scripture Sessions on Mondays from 7-8pm on Zoom, following the 7 week course (join at any time) please scroll down to fill out the online registration for the Zoom link below. We will start on Monday 18 January with week 1: Exodus: All are welcome. Materials are available from the link below.

The aim of this series is to help us get a sense of the Scriptures as a whole. To see the unfolding of God’s liberating and creative love in the history of Israel and in the Church.

We will set out with the freed Hebrew slaves and their leader Moses, responding to God’s call; so close and yet always a little strange to us. We will become familiar with their pattern and be guided by the echo of the divine words from the beginning. Words which continue to liberate us in our time.

Our journey will lead us to encounter God. The same God across all the ages in the one unifying Spirit. Our choice of readings will reveal the growing sense of the mystery of God, and the mystery of God’s Creation. Of men and women called to be a reconciled community, capable of selfless responses that can heal and fulfil each other and the world.

The Route Each week we will take a fundamental core teaching of Scripture, e.g. the revelation of the name of God in Exodus, and explore how God’s people began to look backward to understand their past, and forward to imagine their future life. We will explore how the Scriptures bear witness to an ever-expanding understanding of the mystery of God; looking backward to the origins of biblical faith in Abraham and Sarah’s journeying, and looking forward to where this will ultimately lead – to Jesus and a new heaven and a new earth.

We will read of periods of loss and denial, of prophetic re-envisioning reminding the people of their unique call and their unique sense of God. Of how this expands outward and back to the origins of Creation since the God of Exodus can alone be the Creator. But, the Creation accounts, in their various forms, also bear witness to what, under God, Creation and humanity can yet become. Every time the community remembers what has been revealed, it not only looks to the past, but sees the future anticipated, and the call to live lives of radical creativity here and now.

We’ll continue to show the echoes backwards and forwards from the wider Scriptures as each week we look at a major theme. For each theme, we will take a significant passage of Scripture and explore its influence in the faith journey of God’s people. We’ll consider the word of God in Scripture and its continuing power and influence in our own faith. We’ll grow in our own capacity to respond to, interpret, and perhaps be challenged by, God’s word.

Like a pebble thrown into the pond of our mind it will have set off long lasting ripples. As the weeks go on, our thoughtful pondering of the texts will allow God’s word to penetrate our hearts in ways we might not have anticipated before the journey.

REGISTRATION for Zoom link- Mondays 7-8pm from 18 January 2021

All materials available here: godwhospeaks.uk/echoes-of-god-journeying-with-the-word-of-god or below. Please note change of date for Week 7 and Postscript.